Day 1: The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

Day 1: The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

As the morning sun painted the horizon with hues of gold, Michael watched his children head off on their school run, the smiles on their faces filled with excitement. It was a poignant moment, as today marked the beginning of a journey he had dreamt of for a lifetime, Three Passes and Lobuche Summit.

Packed and ready, he awaited the journey to Manchester Airport Terminal 2. The anticipation was building, and the excitement was palpable as he set off for a destination that held the promise of adventure beyond imagination.

Before the drive to the airport, Michael shared a heartfelt farewell with Susie, his lifelong partner. Her support and love had been a constant source of strength, and this farewell was a moment filled with both encouragement and bittersweet anticipation.

At 2:55 PM, with a backpack full of dreams and aspirations, Michael bid farewell to familiar grounds. The anticipation was building, and the excitement was palpable as he embarked on the first leg of his journey.

Upon arrival at Doha at 11:30 PM, the journey continued, but not without its moments of respite. With the assistance of the Emirates Transit Service, Michael found himself in a private area where he could enjoy a quick bite and a drink. It was a moment of quiet reflection, a brief respite before the next leg of the journey.

As the minutes passed, Michael’s eagerness grew. He was one step closer to his ultimate dream – to witness the majestic Mount Everest with his own eyes. The anticipation was almost overwhelming, and he couldn’t wait to board the next flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.

This was the start of an extraordinary adventure, one that would test his limits, challenge his spirit, and lead him to places few dare to tread. But Michael was ready, and his heart was set on reaching new heights, both literally and metaphorically.

Many thanks to the incredible support system. The path ahead was uncertain, but with each step, it was drawing him closer to his dream. To be continued… 🌄✈️🗻 #MichaelSummit #DreamsTakeFlight #JourneyBegins

Many thanks to my incredible sponsors. Their unwavering support has made this journey possible, and I couldn’t be more thankful. A special thank you to Admiral Carpets, Signly, Action Deafness, WP Ability, SEA Recruitment, TrekAdvisor, Lipspeaker UK, SignSolutions, and Adventure Pursuit for their invaluable support in this adventure. Your belief in this mission is what keeps us moving forward.

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