It was during this time that Michael had the privilege of meeting Gesman Tamang, an elite mountaineer

Day 2: Arrival in Nepal – Embracing the Culture

Day 2 of Michael’s Summit adventure began with the promise of new experiences and the embrace of Nepal’s rich culture. It was a day filled with awe-inspiring moments and exciting encounters.

Michael’s journey into the heart of the Himalayas officially commenced as he touched down in Nepal. He was welcomed by his guide from Trek Advisor, the guardian who would accompany him on this extraordinary adventure. This initial meeting was not just about introductions; it was an immersion into the diverse and vibrant culture of Nepal.

One remarkable gesture that captured the essence of Nepalese hospitality was the gift of a Nepalese Sim Card. With no phone signal upon arrival, this small card became a lifeline, ensuring Michael could stay connected with his family and all of you who were following his journey.

A heartwarming tradition followed, as Michael was presented with a ceremonial scarf. This scarf symbolized compassion, a sentiment that would accompany him throughout his entire journey.

As Michael continued to embrace the culture of Nepal, his guide accompanied him through the bustling streets of Kathmandu. Here, motorbikes weaved through traffic without hesitation, and life moved forward with an energy and vibrancy that was both exhilarating and overwhelming.

At the hotel, discussions with his guide shed light on what the next 48 hours would bring before their departure to Lukla, the starting point of their hiking adventure.

Following a moment of respite in his hotel room with a quick coffee, Michael joined the rest of the team for a welcome dinner. This gathering was more than just a meal; it was an opportunity for the team to bond and build the camaraderie that would be essential in facing the challenges ahead.


The day reached its climax as, at 5 PM local time, the team gathered on the hotel’s rooftop. Plans for the coming days were meticulously discussed, and Michael received valuable insights into the art of efficient backpack packing, knowledge that would prove indispensable as they ventured further into the mountains.

One remarkable detail stood out during their discussions – their journey would commence at an altitude of 1,400 meters. Astonishingly, this was just slightly higher than the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. It was a surreal realisation that a Nepalese village could sit higher than this iconic British peak.

With the sun setting in the background, the team gazed at the breathtaking views of the seemingly endless mountains. The panorama was awe-inspiring, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the grandeur that awaited.

It was during this time that Michael had the privilege of meeting Gesman Tamang, an elite mountaineer
Michael had the privilege of meeting Gesman Tamang, an elite mountaineer

As night descended, the group descended to the hotel bar, where conversations flowed and introductions were made. It was during this time that Michael had the privilege of meeting Gesman Tamang, an elite mountaineer. Their discussions were inspiring and educational, providing Michael with a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs that lay ahead.

With the promise of adventure in the air, Michael and the team ventured into the local town to explore its vibrant nightlife. Nepal’s culture came alive as they embraced the rhythms of the night.

Returning to the hotel at the end of the evening, Michael experienced a whirlwind of emotions. He missed his family, felt the fatigue of the long journey, and brimmed with excitement for the adventure that awaited him. With great people by his side, he settled into sleep, knowing that each day would bring new experiences and challenges, and that he was on the cusp of something truly extraordinary.

Before we conclude this day’s adventure, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our incredible sponsors. Their unwavering support has made this journey possible, and I couldn’t be more thankful. A special thank you to Admiral Carpets, Signly, Action Deafness, WP Ability, SEA Recruitment, TrekAdvisor, Lipspeaker UK, SignSolutions, and Adventure Pursuit for their invaluable support in this adventure. Your belief in this mission is what keeps us moving forward. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey!

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